Hello BESTers,

This week, the toy company, Hasbro, and British supermarket chain, 
Asda, launched a charity auction to raise money for FareShare, which 
provides food to needy families in the UK.  But the object of the 
auction is what's gaining notoriety, a limited edition "wonky" Mr. 
Potato Head.  This unique toy was made in order to also raise awareness 
and support of the ugly food movement.  Asda is a major proponent of 
this movement and offers boxes of imperfect produce at its stores at 
discounted rates.  The auction is currently up to £340 (about $450) and 
ends this Sunday.  Unfortunately, it's only for the UK, so unless you 
know someone over there, you may be out of luck to get this 
one-of-a-kind Mr. Potato Head.

Have a great weekend,


Why Mr. Potato Head is looking a bit wonky these days
Matt Hickman
Mother Nature News
June 29, 2016