Eco-Friendly packaging concept made from seaweed wins Lexus design award 2016
De Zeen Magazine
July 16, 2016

Happy Weekend BEST Community,

As we have already seen, this week we are talking about sustainable packaging. However, as we saw last week, algae based products are becoming more and more of a widespread phenomena due all of its environmental benefits. In particular, Christine‚Äôs post about algae-based water bottles persuaded me to think what else could be out there in terms of algal based products. These products not only make packaging compostable, but they furthermore contribute to the reduction of atmospheric CO2 prior to harvest. 

AMAM, a team of Japanese designers, have set out with the mindset of completely replacing plastics all together. The packaging uses a gelatinous material found in marine algae called agar. Agar can be easily cultivated from various types of marine algae making it not difficult to find, and moreover, very easy and practical to cultivate. Although the product does not seem to last as long as initially hoped, it lasts long enough to ship products world-wide and therefore can be used once, and composted. Which is more than the majority of packaging products that are usually used once can say. These innovations from teams of young designers are the future of our world, and the fact that the majority of them consist of a sustainable future gives me hope for the direction we are headed. 

Blaze Walsh
Undergraduate Intern
2016 Bio Energy and Sustainability School
Soil and Water Science Department 
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