Waste Into Waistcoats: 3 Ways We’re Recycling Slaughterhouse Scraps
Modern Farmer
July 23,2016

Happy Saturday BEST Community!
As you already know, this week we are focusing on slaughterhouse waste and the massive amounts of useable material that the majority of slaughterhouses throw away. In fact, only 40% of the animal is actually used and sold in stores and an average of 60% of that same animal is thrown away. 

In previous weeks we have looked at using waste in many forms, usually in the form of energy, which this article also mentions. However, this article discusses how the fibers found within the waste can actually be used to make a yarn-type material. The Swiss creators are still in the experimental stage of design but hope that one day the material will be able to compete with synthetic fiber. Creative ideas like these are what is ultimately going to abolish the idea that waste needs to be wasted. Who knows, maybe we will all be wearing closes from slaughterhouse waste in a few years, one can only imagine. 

Blaze Walsh
Undergraduate Intern
2016 Bio Energy and Sustainability School
Soil and Water Science Department 
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