$6.5 Million urban ag system to be built at Santa Fe Community College
Albuquerque Journal
April 20, 2016

Happy Saturday BEST Community,
Continuing this week’s topic of urban gardening we are taking ourselves to New Mexico. Here, The Santa Fe Community College is parterning with a private company to make an urban garden that will be able to feed 16,000 people. The schools national reputation for their green research was the leading reason the private donor decided to begin this project. In addition, because of this background in sustainable research, the school will be able to just add the urban garden into their current curriculum. 
In accordance to our current summer interns, the garden will be growing micro-algae as a food source, and will be using biogas as a power source. It really is inspiring to see all of these sustainable practices being used together to create something so incredible. 
Blaze Walsh
Undergraduate Intern
2016 Bio Energy and Sustainability School
Soil and Water Science Department 
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