I am attempting to get hold of some descriptions (some quite old) and have struggled with the following. Does anyone have pdfs of these?

Original and an English or French translation

Ekman, S. (1925). Holothurien. pp. 1–194 in Odhner, T. (ed.) Further Zoological Results of the Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1901-1903. Under the Direction of Dr. Otto Nordenskjöld. Stockholm: P.A. Norstedt & Söner. Vol. 1
(Ekman, S. 1925. Holothurien. Further zoological results of the Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1901–1903 1(6): 1–194.) Psolus punctatus description specifically.

English or French translation (I have the original)

Ekman, S. 1927. Holothurien der deutschen Südpolar-Expedition
1901–1903 aus der Ostantarktis und von den Kerguelen. Deutsche
Südpolar-Expedition 19 (Zoology 11): 359–419.

Ludwig, H. & Heding, S.G. 1935. Die holothurien der Deutschen
Tiefsee-Expedition. 1. Fusslose und dendrochirote formen.
Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der Deutschen Tiefsee-Expedition
auf dem dampfer Valdivia 1898–1899 24: 123–214.


Massin, 1994 Ossicle variation in Antarctic dendrochirote
holothurians (Echinodermata). Bulletin de l’Institut Royal des
Sciences Naturelles de Belgique 64: 129-146.

Many thanks, Niki Davey

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