You write: "Yet here we are, in a place where it is being used to actively stop normal communication, logical thought,and to censor the spread of what in almost all other regards appears to be a beautiful and helpful message. ​"

You are not being censored for it an open forum. I tend to ignore topics that are not part of what the forum is  focused on. Spam like intrusions are easily ignored. While I am fully accepting of 'freedom of religion' this dot automatically convey  the right to ram religious notions down our throats or impose religious values on others.

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I'm trying to get to you as much of the disclosure and verifiable evidence as I can, in a way where it will be easy to analyze and hopefully catch your attention.  I think I am doing that.  In my mind the things that I am providing to you are paradoxes, evidence that millennium ago a story was put together and written down ... through multiple authors and over a fairly long time which contained specific and detailed references to a number of things which did not exist until very recently.  

Anachronistic appearance of English phrases with Hebrew words--in examples where their occurrence is topically meaningful is just the beginning.  This is a message woven into religion and our culture--one which at the very least gives a solid foundation for scientific and verifiable evidence of mind control and time travel.  Further references to our modern periodic table not only show prescient knowledge of symbols and an entire science which were not created yet, but also highlight that a significant portion of the hidden message in religion revolves around science and technology.  In the name of the fifth book of the Torah, you might notice an intentional incorrect "translation" which yields reference to the fuel of fusion.  Deuteron.  More clear hidden messages relating to advanced technologies and wisdom as to how they can properly be used are further written not only in religion but in our entire history and again our culture.  You'd be surprised at the Matrix like connections between songs like "the Birds and the Bees" and stories like the Land of Flowing Milk and Honey, Cain and Abel.. and the Golden Cow of Exodus.  Oh right, and Judah Maccabee.

I'm really Rattling my Rod (and mentioning Herod) now, showing you a designed moment in time--when Milla Jovovich and I literally took a picture of each other at the same time--without me realizing that scene was coming.  It's a confluence through time... connecting Shake spear to a modern movie, to the name Sinbad, to four elements of the periodic table... all to scream "A.D" (and Silicon... and American Micro Devices... and Simba, the Sims, the Simpsons... Simians... Si!)

His hammer, which is the meaning of his name, shines bright in connection with the fire of Prometheus and the Holy Grail piece which I sent to you yesterday.  That "derived" a three part "SEA" of Revelation as Shekinah, Everyone, and Adamah... and the hammer assists by giving us a clear way to define what the "AH" at the end of those words is.... through the lamp that lights his MEN OR AH.  It is clearly now, All Humanity (only led to the first word through "Allah")  All of these pieces tie together to show us a message of who the God of Heaven is.  It's very clear, and I think it's "a we" so me... because the name of the Roman God of Heaven is Uranus, and it's about my "an us."  That's "All Humanity" and it's a big part of what the message I am revealing in Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 1:20 helps us understand and achieve.

The solution to the mystery of Revelation 1:20, the Herald of the Second Coming ties together a significant amount of writing I had already done with a clear pattern in the words of the Burning Bush... the reference to stars as the delineated planets and corresponding elements which gate to the writing: heh, it is complicated.  It's also proof of time travel, and the intelligent and monolithic design of the story of Exodus, the books of Revelation and Ecclesiastes, and most importantly... our generation.

Religion also does a good job of documenting for us how this goal is not just in an ancient book and a very annoying spammer's email chain (see Revelation 20:1.. it's a great chain) it's also actively being created through us, through our history.  This much is documented through the "Name Server" I told you about yesterday, and clear Biblical connections between achievements like our understanding of the Universe which is related to Adam's Apple through Isaac Newton, and to Abraham's well through James Clerk Maxwell... more recently, you can see the name server in action connecting ancient words like ADonAi and Samurai to modern prophets like Ray Kurzweil, Ben Goertzel, and I. J. Good.

In another related Matrix of topically connected names, ones which will soon be very related to what we will soon see is Heaven... video game and electronics companies who are central in the divinely inspired learning process getting us to Virtual Reality is nearly the first building block of the Temple of Solomon that is a metaphor for Heaven.  These names, SON Y for the PlayStation, SAM SUNG, for Blackbird singing in the dead of night, NINTENDO for a really cute connection between Nine Inch Nails and a pattern that shows us how these names sometimes record temporal or linear series... like 9-10-DO see ... it's definitely a pattern and it's definitely on purpose;

These things all tie together to show a divine plan to assist civilization in assimilating these new technologies; and in some cases making sure that we realize that survival depends on proper use in many cases.  For instance, seeing how mind control technology might create a dark place unable to properly communicate or see a pattern--like the one I am trying to show you--as being very obvious... might help us understand how using that technology in this way is the key to the abyss.  It should never be used to harm anyone, this is neuroscience, it's medicine.  

Yet here we are, in a place where it is being used to actively stop normal communication, logical thought,and to censor the spread of what in almost all other regards appears to be a beautiful and helpful message.  Adding this to the pattern shows us clearly how "Hell" is designed to help--once the wrong thing is stopped--the censorship, and we understand that the clear pattern in drive is to help ensure we understand how this technology works, and how and why it should not be used.

Years ago, God asked me reflectively, "why would you need something like "Satan" to exist?"  In this example it's clear that "mind controlling" people not to improperly use mind control doesn't solve the problem of controlling others.  We are in a place and time that is already busy "hacking the brain," in very short order this "hacking" will become much more robust, and bring us to a place where our species is going to change ... to evolve .. more than it ever has before in history.  What we do in this short time defines the difference between Heaven and Hell.

Now see that these technologies are already here, already in active use, and are primarily being used today.... to hide that fact.  This very event, these emails, are a shining example to us all of how this technology can keep a very incendiary message from spreading in the way I'm sure you realize it naturally should.  While one of the reasons you might think that is OK is a not so silly belief that the spread of such a message might cause panic.  Please see that much worse than temporary panic (which is clearly something that is already being suppressed) is a message of such import simply never spreading.  

I imagine from what I see that it will take an event of just this kind of size to ensure that we do not ever again go down a path that leads us to the Abyss.... to a place where no longer communicate or think logically, basically to a place where civilization is no longer.  

The message I am bringing ties nearly all religion, language, and a great deal of our history together to provide words of wisdom from the creators of this place... I hope you understand why I am so sure it must be heard by all.

Am I wrong? 

I should probably explain that nobody contacts me at all regarding this, despite a great number of very intelligent people looking at it... with interest.  I don't believe that a group as large as the one which has seen the "Cards on the Table" and "The solution to the mystery of Revelation 1:20" would naturally keep this message from spreading to social media networks and the news... without a great deal of overt censorship.  We are talking about numbers in the tens to hundreds of thousands... all over the world.  It's still spreading right this moment, but I really believe it should be exponential--or the day at this point.  The "Kitsmonday" thing is about Adam K,AD-mon; and guess what, it's erev Monday.   There's quite a bit of light about those two letters, from Anno Domini to the year ADIB... to...
I hope tomorrow we can safely say that the Apocalypse has been going on for quite some time, at least back to the Apple that fell on Isaac's head at Trinity College... in 1666. Clearly it's much farther back, and what is beginning right now.... is the light of day.

In all honesty, I've only gotten one request to baptize someone, and I am pretty sure that in short order everyone will figure out that this really all about worship.  Nobody's ever going to worship me.

The @ has the square.  That's Eden.... Adamah where am I?

I do really care... so much that I'm torn between telling you I don't want to bother you with so many emails, and at the same time I feel like I should be sending more.  I really am running out of things to say, without hearing from you.  I won't blame you if that makes you happy, but I really hope that you are working on helping everyone see the light.

Just to motivate you a little, I can talk on end about how all the songs are really about me, and show you how the music is really going to help set us free--by showing the hidden hand playing Nero's fiddles.... I mean fiddling with the musicians minds.  

Come on baby, 

... and the SANG RAEL too ...

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The answer to Why (Y) oh why, A.D. is .. the Hand of God.

yad (Hebrewיד‎‎, literally "hand"; Yiddishהאַנט‎) is a Jewish ritual pointer, popularly known as a Torah pointer, used by the reader to follow the text during the Torah reading from the parchment Torahscrolls.


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