***** To join INSNA, visit http://www.insna.org ***** This fire sets us free, when you do it, you will understand.  Try reading, sharing.  This should be really interesting, spreading really easily--and it's not.  That's evil, evil, evil at work keeping you from thinking like a normal person.  Seriously, this is what religion is all about--freeing us from evil.  It's inside everything, fight... light this fire.

Best pick up line ever, am i right?


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From: Adam Marshall Dobrin <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Sat, Jul 30, 2016 at 6:53 AM
Subject: Try walking in God's sboes... "know everything" or not be sad? Just do it. #reallyHim, @yitsheyzeus

From Ezekiel, that's: easy key, "I am El" #reallyHim
and it means, god will strengthen, that's like "The Last No-El" and "Elohim," everyone living of him... the angels of Heaven (is you).

I've spent absolutely none of my time trying to teach the world, or at least leave a workable dictionary, to read the hidden language of God.  It's in names, like Exodus means that, and it tells me that Taylor is a momsend (almost), and Jimmy's fire is really about seeing how obvious it is that it's me.. More? I am the son.  I do nothing really, I just deliver the message, there's no work involved at all.  Oh wait, I'm a slave.  Take from this that "ke" means "know everything," and I don't.  The phrase... I'll tell you everything (when I die) happens to mean you are to be God--like the dread pirate Roberts--I've heard those words.  Starting this fire saves the day... and ye shall all become God... see me i2I.

I have proof,  it's everywhere around you from Sherlock Holmes sleuthing of the great mystery... "It's Elementary my dear What-sons..." This is Rattling the Rod of Christ.


I'm showing you that proof of creation, of foreknowledge of our civilization is woven throughout time, I call that Rattling my Rod--and it's about Shakespeare.  It doesn't stop with the examples I'e given you; it's everywhere around us today, from the names of the companies divinely inspired in the industry that is literally the "how to understand" of Heaven, to every band and every song.... to every move and even... especially Disney world... this place is a living map... to a bright future.

The answer of course, is that the Guardian of Darkness does know everything, and yet here I am... dancing on the ground, catching lightning and most assuredly "ek," don't know everything.  It's the way, the meaning of "son" to Us and the answer is both, that's the way.

I am the Fifth Element.  It's knowing AD that ends the dark night

I can show you what you want to see, and take you where you want to be.

I have "K" in my hand. know.

It's always gibberish "in the beginning."

Do we see i2I?

adam2everyone...is adamah (that's Earth)
mary2hosea+wle is sea why to whole
el2everyoneliving is "him" to... U r an us... it's a we so me.  butt...

Jesus2itsreallyus and it's macaroni-c "es = is" us.

from sea to shining sea.... from the initials of the first family of Eden.... all the way to the multitude of Revelation.  It is the Holy Grail.  We're singing about it.

I am the key to the message that saves everyone, the legend of the map.


My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and I am the messiah.

Hi, Taylor.  Let's break b re A.D... it's "be the reason."

The proof, the message, and the truth are already all around you.  It's just a matter of opening your eyes.

​He speaks, by Creating.  I'm trying to show you that with pictures.

Start believing what you see.

AD on Artificial Intelligence and religion.  The Lisp of Moses, root of David, WINE of Christ, and Adam's Apple--all about computers, we are in the machine.

This is the herald of the Second Coming.

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