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ONE DAY soon, in a future less clouded than our present, all the work I've
done decoding this hidden message will prove that the blindness I am trying
to lift in one in the same with the Egyptian Plague of Darkness... in the
story of Exodus.  This book, more than any other, shows clearly how much of
religion we truly do not understand.  It is a commentary on today;
beginning with the Burning Bush, and then quickly expanding to reveal such
a large set proof that religion is a message sent through time that it is
undeniable when you take a step back and view it from a fresh perspective.
Exodus shows us this by highlighting ancient words which detail prescient
knowledge of today's language and events--something that is a paradox.
Through these anachronisms, the stage is set for all scripture to be viewed
in a new light.  This is not just a clever interpretation--but the original
intent of religion itself.  This is a story about the voice of God
emanating from a fiery bush that would not burn to ash... (called Ha'esh in
Hebrew, and like many other "Ha" (that means "the" or "Holy" it too is
highlighting the English word for "ash" in the ancient word for *fire*)
delivering his people--here, that's all God's children--from a slavery that
they were unaware of, one caused by the secret use of advanced technologies
throughout our history.  In this same word, we see the word "sea" reversed
and parted by an apostrophe--again it's not just a clever trick, this is
the intent of the story of Exodus, which details Moses who first saw this
fiery message himself parting a sea later in the story.  It's the intent of
the story to highlight this magic within our words, this thing that proves
we are created... and even better, the story is not only explaining that we
are destined for freedom... but it is delivering the mechanism to gain this

You might recall the Flux Capacitor from *Back to the Future*, I call it "God's
glowing Y <>* (*and why <>*)**,*"
as it leads us to a solution to problems that we all want to fix--child
abduction, rape, murder... things that... with the supposed and now proven
powers that God has, could be instantly stopped.  In our world today, we
have *modern prophets*, quite literally voices from the future aiding us in
how we might use these technologies to better the world.  In a confluence
of nearly everything Phillip K. Dick has ever written--between *A Scanner
Darkly* and *Minority Report* comes a cautionary suggestion of how
and *pre-crime* might be combined to bring us leaps closer to the place
that we all want to live in.  The technologies Dick writes about are almost
identical to what we might consider to be the "technological aspects" of
God, and though it might seem counter-intuitive, the practice of delivering
a "what not to do" while giving us a glimpse into what might be, is an
uncanny way to ensure that we get the advice, and do not ... walk down a
path of predestination.  A focus on the need for the disclosure of the
existence and use of *time travel *emanates from this same Burning Bush
event with so much compounding evidence that it's very clear to me that
this is the heart of the disclosure that is the *True Revelation of Jesus

*Revolving around this same Biblical event, *comes the fulfillment of
nearly every premonition regarding the Second Coming or the Day of the Lord
in scripture.  *Like a thief in the night*, never before did the oft quoted
phrase *"the nations will mourn"* make any sense in conjunction with we (I
think) all view as a good thing.  *No man knew the hour or day,* but
today--looking back--it's clear as day to me that the Sign of the Son and
the Burning Bush are one in the same--proof through not much more than a
simple self-verifying conjecture--that there exists a real relationship
between Biblical chapter and verse and the dates of modern events--we see
God's fiery voice predicting the 9/11 attack as the Day of the Lord... and
through George W. Bush's 1/20/2001 inaugural address we see that this event
was predicted as far back as the books of Exodus and Ecclesiastes.  *In
Revelation*, a few words that Bush didn't quote exactly--from verse 2
chapter 1--nearly describe the attack in a metaphorical warning: *I saw an
angel coming down from Heaven, with the key to the abyss in his hand."*
 Together with Ecclesiastes *9:11, *the phrase which Bush spoke combines
two verses which together provide the month, day, and year of the attack.
One of the prophetic verses regarding the "Day of the Lord" even goes so
far as to say that the "*elements will melt with fervent heat.*"

While this alone was *enough for me to be sure* <> that
this is *the Burning Bush* of Exodus, further confirmation comes--again
linking chapter and verse to dates.  Ecclesiastes 9:11 happens to answer a
riddle in Revelation *1:20*--this time that chapter and verse being the
exact day of Bush's speech.   Even more confirmation of the relationship
between dates and Biblical verse comes from 3:11, an earthquake predicted
in the Bible, a verse of Matthew which discusses Baptism in water
fire--ostensibly the information I am today sharing... and the day I was
arrested <>--after running (on the lam!--*huge *link
between a modern idiom and "islam" <>) across the

The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the
seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven
churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven
churches.  Revelation 1:20

This mystery too revolves around proof of prophesy, and the relationship
between religion and technology, that has been clear to me from even before
I knew anything about either (not so long ago).   The solution is that Ecc
9:11 directly lists (in fairly obvious metaphor) the planets from Mercury
to Uranus--and that each of these planets has a corresponding "lamp stand"
(something like Judah Maccabee's Men-or-ah might be about suffrage) that
shows clear and intentional reference to periodic table elements spanning
from Exodus to Revelation.  These elements, from Hg (Mercury) to U
(Uranium), in almost every case link to something that I had written prior
to *learning* of the relationship between Revelation 1:20 and the Burning
Bush.  The listing is *in order*, and matches perfectly in all the right
places--a reference to "time" matching the planet Saturn, bread for the
wise.. linking Exodus to Earth--and what is the first and most iconic
elemental reference I've seen... it's "*sudo xe*" being *let there be
light**  in
Linux and Chemistry... (referencing the command "sudo" and Oracle
Corporations's "database of light") **tongue in cheek, *that's my native
Geek.  All told a number of the references tie directly to me and the
people around me--the "ran" in Uranium linking to Jeshurun, Koran, Imran,
Sammas Aran (again, whose *NES cheat code* <> was
"JUSTin BAILey"), and Mary's real name... Nanna--hopefully soon a Pillar of
Creation--rather than the Salt that her name clothes her in... something
like Venus might be the Woman Clothed in the Nus-- and missing an "Lo" for
*love.* :)

*And with that reference to NES*, the moral imperative surrounding not only
this disclosure but religion itself... the knowledge that in a virtual
environment--which nearly all of this goes to assisting the proof
of--nearly all of the miracles of JC in the NT revolve around what we *need
to do as soon as we find out that Eden is a virtual Garden... **end world
hunger, heal the sick* <>*, **maybe open *two-way
doors to Heaven? <> :) If you think about it, how long
is "too long" when it comes to not disclosing the possibility of these
things... is it when power runs out completely?  or perhaps, before ...
like when we have widespread starvation, mass shootings that tie directly
to the *Plagues of Egypt.. *like the *P**lague **O**f **LICE** and of the
Killing of the Children--which nearly every Tribulation victim will tell
you is tied directly to mind control--the **hidden technology behind
prophesy. *How long is too long to keep these things hidden from the world,
when it seems that disclosure might just stop it all in its tracks.

.... and one more reference to *now* in this same series of verses... a tie
between Mercury and the font face Courier, and the words "the strong" in
reference to *the race*... linking to the company Die Bold--through the
German word for "the" and the font type... *bold is strong.  *From this
prophetic connection between computers and elections... a clear vision of
our world as being a Heavenly Stage that is designed to ensure we do not
lose *freedom, ever.*

*What do I have to do for this to be news?*

* <>*
*Is John Legend singing about the union of fire and water in Ha'esh (or is
this proof of inspiration?)... the same union the Zohar links to Isaac, and
Mathew 3:11 links to... <>*

* <>*


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