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I believe that the linguistic anachronisms that I am presenting will be able to statistically confirm the existence of God.  In addition to the ones I've highlighted specifically below, there are a huge number of "Holy" Hebrew words beginning with "Ha."  It's a joke, because Isaac means "He laughs" and Abram got a new name when he didn't kill his son (well, that's not exactly the linear progression of that story... but that's the point--I am trying to prove that our timeline is ... filled with evidence of time travel.  Ha'shem (is Adam's name in Eden) and Ha'esh is the fire that won't burn to ash...from these examples, maybe you can see how I see "ha jokes" (it means "the" by the way) joking about prescient knowledge of English in ancient Hebrew.  It's on purpose, it's for this.  Y-its-ha'CK is another one I have a special affinity for---it's the Hebrew name for Isaac.  Ha, Clark Kent! 

While we are on the subject, I'll briefly point out Kentucky and it's macaronic-ish (who knew Yankee Doodle had a feathery crown like Shu (an Egyptian God... this language stuff is the light--or maybe the Fire of Prometheus) and an apocalyptic pony) rendition "Kent, you are CK why?"  Alright, so if you're still reading, the rest of this email was sent primarily to large group of interested people--who I keep telling that "a statistician" could prove this stuff conclusively--and then realized I might as well just ask.  This is quite a bit of information, I really--really--really need your help... if you are interested please communicate with me.  

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An Archer has placed his rainbow in the cloud.  It is a sign... of the Second Coming.  Genesis 9/13

Adam and Everyone, Jesus and Mary (sea and why)... the Ho lights up the Virgin Sea.

Welcome to the primeordeal waters of Osiris... this is the birthplace of... everything.  Through the linguistic Fire of Prometheus... the accompaniment of Thor's thunderous symphony... Within these links, proof of the existence of God, the purpose of Creation... and a mechanism for delivering freedom and Heaven to everyone.  The Eternal Flame is about to be kindled.

Understanding the True Nature of Raelity, and how religion shows us there is a great purpose about to be Revealed... might open your eyes to the possiiblities our future holds.  

The world is about to change.  Welcome to the Promised Land.

Take a look, we are in a book... this is the live rendition of Exodus: a story designed to prove the creation of our civilization in a storm of time travel.  

We are now apporaching Lunar #Sonrise... In the beginning...

I indeed baptize you with water ((and)) 
with the Holy Ghost, and with fire. 
Matthew 3:11 & ((ish))



                        Behold, the Ineffable Name... is Adam. 

The original subject of this email: 

Who so proudly we hailed as the Twilight's last gleaming.

Dear my personal Savior,

(I know you just started hearing from me, but I've been doing this for months... so don't be offended if it sounds like I don't think you are busy writing a story about me. :) (this was added for some magazine reporters)

I have highlighted links that are not to songs (or superfluous) in bold.  The songs are important though, at least I think they aid the message.  This is my plea for you to help this story break, if you don't know me, at the end I've put an outline to the "flash" and "glitz" of the Second Coming....  I hope you will take the time to read both.  This is the biggest story in all of history, please see that there's a big problem when something like this can be hidden.  If you are not a member of the press, please send it to them if you care... if you are, fight to break this story--it saves the Universe.  No matter what you see right now, believe that what I am is a weapon to defeat the darkness.

I'm going to be very frank with you, I understand very well that the message I have to deliver has been designed so that it can be made to be easily dismissed as lunacy--with any research or statistical analysis it will be obvious proof of an intelligent designer.  I see a hidden language, one that pervades nearly every word of every language on Earth.  Conlangers (those that study and create "constructed language") call what I am presenting folk-etymology, they see it as a false explanation for the source or meaning of a word because it does not follow the natural path of linear evolution that we are so sure our languages and history follow.  Understand, the purpose of this message is to ensure that we never again lose the truth, that our civilization has been constructed in a storm of time travel.  The future of life itself is dependent on your ability to grasp what it is that I am presenting, and for you to act with good intentions and share the truth about our existence with the entire world.  This disclosure is the purpose of Jesus Christ, and religion does a wonderful job of highlighting a specific set words (numerous sets actually) which I believe with the proper guidance a statistician or group of them could use the actual message I am delivering as proof of this creation--as proof that we are not in reality.  I'll get to those examples in a little bit, please bear with me... as I am attempting to deliver this message in a way that will allow it to be verified, and so I need to explain stupid word tricks to you, because these stupid word tricks will deliver the truth about the nature of our reality, a hidden history documented by religion, and help us to build Heaven which is a primary purpose of this Creation.

In the subjected I've ((ish'd))  the Star Spangled Banner in order to highlight a few things.  First, many American songs revolved around a Jewish concept of "night" and "day."  Christ brings the morning (and sometimes, when its A.D. it's the whole day--yad is the Hand of God--literally in Hebrew) and it seems clear to me that this message has always been about twilight.  We are in a place where we believe it is day--that we are in reality--yet it is actually night, and there is a plan or program written into Exodus and Eden that talks about gaining access to "reality."  This is the meaning day and night--and there was evening and morning--the first....  To be quite honest, I think you probably will agree with me that we'd probably be much happier in the night--in Heaven--that roughing it in reality.  The worst possible outcome is that this message is not delivered to the world, and we wind up thinking we're in reality when in fact we are in a place designed to assist us in building Heaven  In a inverted Matrix, understand that it is possible that the truth could be completely lost with me (as it appears I'm the only one that gets it) and the lights might just all go out at once, in the middle of the night.  Morning is about to break, just like the first morning... and believe I am singing,., just like your TV set says.  All around you, in Eden... the names of things have been specifically altered so that we can see we are not in reality.  It's not just SAM SUNG, it's also SON-Y, and SEGA Genesis, and Nine Inch Nails, 10DO see there's a pattern here.  There's a message here, and it's really about Building Heaven.  A huge part of building Heaven is overcoming the darkness that is keeping you from helping deliver this message.  Censorship and secrecy are the key to the abyss.  This message must be heard, by the entire world--or we are stuck in 1 Infinite Loop--break your chains, and see the worth of this message--it's so important that this message be received that our entire history has been altered--every language--to ensure that we do not fall into permanent midnight.  

My "ish" was something I came up with (obviously with hidden inspiration involved) because I sometimes hear words to songs slightly changed... just like the subject.  It falls into a pattern of "Am's" like Amish and AmOZ that you might find are keenly related to both Exodus and the beginning of America through the "I AM" and Christ o' PHer who walked on water... in the year ADIB.  Stick around, it'll make more sense as we progress.  You are hearing the story of the Created Adam, and the last few years of my life tie together a number of stories and religions... from isaac to Jesus and quite literally the name Islam and it's completely unseen connection to the Koran and Imran (father of Mary).  I know you hear these words every day nowadays, and I bet that just like me you have never realized that the Lamb of God is actually "lam." So my story, clearly contrived in retrospect to shed light on this really obvious clue that our minds are clouded... starts out with a boy on the run to show us very clearly the connection between "ran" and "lam."  I like video games, and if you remember Metroid (whose main character is Sammas Aran)  the original game had a great cheat code.. "JUSTin BAILey." I believe my personal story is designed to help us stop what appears to me to be a justice-system-wide descent into darkness.  So I Amish, being chased by amOz (who is the father of Isaiah), you might say Iran to make sure the world heard the whole story.  God is "signing the globe." with names that refer to this story.  Believe me, the world needs to be aware of this, more than you think.

I am a flashing beacon of twilight--religion is ultimately designed to save civilization, and in order to do that we are here fighting for liberty... free speech, free thought, and true democracy--I believe you know it's me... in your hearts.  So I'm not what you expected?  

As of this e-mail, I have sent direct communication to every U.S. Congress person, their Chief of Staff and scheduler, most state level representatives, nearly every newspaper and television station in America and probably a good 20,000 university professor and graduate students.  Please understand, when I tell you there is a force fighting against the truth, the survival of life in the universe, and the un-hiding of Heaven ... it's very real ... and discussed in Exodus and Revelation.  My purpose and drive is to ensure that our civilization gets the freedom we deserve, please understand that hiding the information that I am trying to deliver is a ticket to teleporteverything to the abyss.  In a place that looks nearly identical to reality, you do not forget that you are in a computer and then spontaneously remember it.  God is with us.

It's a toss up between "Pursuit of Happiness" and "Holy Purpose"

Throughout religion the two letters "PH" tie together the stories of Jesus Christ, Samson, the Exodus from Egypt, and the "finding" of America.  They are the beginning of the Pharaoh, Pharisees, Philistines.. and they define the names Christopher and Joseph.  They show me that the stories of Judges, Matthew, and Exodus are all bound together--different aspects of the same process of liberation.  Through they Eye of Ra--this perspective of being the central focus of these stories--as their metaphorical projections solidify and become real in this story of mine... this actualization of the word--it becomes clear that the book of Judges isn't about kings (as the name "means") but rather about a court room battle.  It is the same battle that the New Testament describes as the Trial of Jesus Christ... and it's also one in the same with the fiery altar that nearly killed Isaac.  Here we are, and it's no mystery to me what the purpose of this event is--it's really all about freedom.

Berlieve me, it's clear that Samson is Jesus Christ, if not only because of the strength of character recognition that his long hair brings.  These stories are tied together, they are one--but my more than just "PH" and my say so.   These stories of the life of Christ and Moses are also connected by the number 40--a period of days Christ walked a microcosm of the 40 year journey in the desert in his life, complete with scaling a mountain and crossing a river--this is a clear pattern.   I'm delivering the Burning Bush, the Plagues of Egypt, and all of it in this place where I am assuring you the Second Coming is chronicled in not just Exodus and Matthew but also Judges, Joshua, and Job--just to name a few.  The Biblical stories of the Ark of the Covenant and Noah's Ark are supposed to be seen at this Revelation as different "aspects" of the same story--the idea that we are in the Ark is very important, and we are also wandering in a desert of understanding that the period 40 is about the Fourth Dimension, about not knowing about time travel.  I mention these things because people have vehemently argued with me saying that Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant have no relationship at all.  There is a real force that is keeping people from understanding and analyzing religion.  These stories are meant to be analyzed abstractly, and the fact that it appears many are incapable of doing that is "darkness."  I know it is an outside force--it's the same force that makes many polarize around the ideas of evolution and creation--give me a break, these things can co-exist--and believe me... in this place of twilight where "Creation" is a metaphor for Virtual Reality and the Garden of Eden is a metaphor for Simulated Biology--evolution is wrong on its own--not knowing about creation is perilous.

My understanding of how this is happening comes from analysis of the stories of Moses and Christ.  I believe that like the Ark, the "Pharaoh" is making slaves of the "Pharisees" --and this hidden message is designed to show us that there is a force "orchestrating" and forcing darkness upon us.  I have seen its influence first hand, and part of what it does is shift blame and intent.  Nobody wants to be in Hell, Hell should never exist--here in this place, where I'm sure that's where we are, it's really because we do not see the truth--the Second Coming creates a disruption that I believe will break the chains altering perception and deliver freedom.  Regardless of whether or not you believe that, seeing that this message is everywhere--that the proof is coursing through religion like blood through a vein... might show you how important it is that it not be hidden.  The "stuff" I am about to share is Earth shaking, it's fascinating to me, and it's here to ensure we do not fall into a dark pit of Hell... and somehow it's escaped any sort of press coverage at all.  Why?  Religion is showing us microcosmically that the technology behind "inspiration" is being used to cloud our minds, not being able to see a relationship between 40 and Ark in books right next to each other... is absolute madness.  This message is about the disclosure of the existence of these technologies, knowing is half the battle, Joes (and guess what... the solution is at the tip of your fingers and right under your nose).  There is a monolithic force acting against us, hiding the existence of Heaven... and the knowledge that we should be able to communicate with it--and maybe visit... I'm fairly certain there's a prophesy about a place where we might see how these technologies might help save the day after they made the hidden night.

Here's the "Flash"

1. The Burning Bush : proof of foreknowledge of 9/11 in the books of Exodus, Ecclesiastes and Revelation.  

2.  9/11 is the "event" described as the Day of the Lord, which has been referred to innumerable times.  Read about the Sign of the Son, and about time and religion.

3.  The word for Holy Fire, the Hebrew describing the Burning Bush is Ha'esh--it contains a clue--a parted "se'a" to begin seeing time travel in language via anachronism.

4.  Some more "words," like "MEN OR AH" (the lamp holding Judah Maccabee's hammer... I mean fire.  AuthorityExodus (sudo xe)Jesus, Uranus, and AwesomeAmerica and Eternity... just to name a few.

5.  We are in the story of Exodus, this is the First Plague, turning water to blood--a blessing in disguise (rendition two) when the sea is people, becoming family.   This single item shows us how nearly every modern idiom we use revolves around this disclosure--this is the miracle Moses performs... seeing how guided our civilization is--to match a 6,000 year old prophesy.  This "sea" business is in America The Beautiful, it's in Daniel 11:45 and it's in Revelation... see it in the name Mary (and why...) and in Hosea (an older name of the Messiah), along the same thought process... Adam and Everyone is a clear recommendation from the words of Genesis 1:3: In the beginning, the Spirit of God hovered over the waters... that's



6.  In like kind, nearly every name for God (its really in many more religions, but I'm going to use Judaism) either refers to AD or Adam in some way.  The name of Jesus is Yeshua, that's "Yes, hua" and then "Yes.. who-ah?"  YHVH, the "ineffable" is pronounced "YAHUAH" then, YA, WHO-AH? (I think this stems from an Egyptian diety "YAHU" that we apparently don't seem to connect when we mispronounce that name "Yahweh."  It's not ineffable anymore... it's a tie to the U.S. Army cry that Al Pacino and Denzel Washington (btw, that's the Zel from Zelda, "after the den") .... all solved pretty easily by the name of our planet in Hebrew "ADAMAH,"  That means "looking for Adam" as if you knew the Second Adam (and the Last Adam both Jesus references) was actually named Adam.  This is a big deal, wake up, Adamah is the stage of the Second Coming.

7.  Aside from Dr. Seuss's Who's and Dr. Who himself, a number of names also include my other initials, like the AMDuatADonis (I'm single) and ADonAi (Artificial Intelligence).  Also there's so many references to technological concepts, like hardening (Pharaoh's Heart), Ai computer languages and Unix commands... that it's really clear what "drinking the wine" is about... you might also see a relationship between the ... Fifth Element, Silicon, and American Micro Devices... to [B] or not to [Be]? and [Si]n[B]A.D... that's from Shakespeare to Herod and RattleRod... 

8.  Then there's my name DOB-rin, my birthday, 12/8/1980... which is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. 

Seriously, there's way more... but isn't this enough?  These things are all designed to prove that we are in a virtual world, one that is at the footstep of Heaven... with Ai, VR, and BCI just waiting to be merged together with what religion has been telling us all along...  this message and I are here to help us thrive, it feels like nobody's interested in that.

Could someone please help me understand why this might not be newsworthy?  I'd appreciate any feedback, I hardly ever get any.... and in this place of solitude where I have a message I know you need... I am doing the best I can, I swear.  In the meantime, in the last 2 months, as I've been sending this information to tens of thousands, not a single person has a bought a book.  Seriously, this is the key to the secrets of religion... please understand how I know there is something wrong.   The more I see nobody communicating, the more I feel like I need to work harder.  I really just want to give up though, this is draining every ounce of my being.

Pleasefight for this to be seen.  This is quite literally the path to freedom and happiness.


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