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Subject: [UFRESEARCH-L] UFIRST Updates


In the first two weeks of UFIRST Awards a total of 153 new awards and 579 award modifications have been created. Thanks  to the concerted efforts (and patience) from every unit on campus we have been able to identify, triage, and solve issues related to the system. Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to re-develop, beta test, and upgrade UFIRST to improve its functionality and the user experience.


As a reminder, the second UFIRST Awards Open Lab will take place tomorrow at 119 HR from 9am-11am. We highly encourage campus administrators to bring their work or general questions to these sessions. We will continue to host weekly Open Labs until August 23rd. If they are well attended we can put additional dates on the calendar.


We have received many questions regarding some of the same items. They are addressed below:

1)     “I’ve completed my Smartform but the SmartForm light is still red.” – Currently the status light for the SmartForm does not work as designed. Ideally, once the SmartForm is clear of any errors this light would be yellow. However, this will have to be addresses in a future system patch. Until that time the SmartForm status light will remain red until the “Submit for Review” activity is executed. A red light does not prevent submission.

2)      “I’ve received an email in UFIRST, but I am not sure that anyone else was copied.”- The UFIRST Awards notifications will be updated to include all copied recipients. Until this is improved the recipients list can be check by completing the following steps:

a.      From the History Page click on the activity of interest. This will take you to the activity details.

b.      From the Activity Details select the Notifications tab to review the recipients.

3)     “Why am I not able to process my budget transfer modification?” – Budget transfer modifications are experiencing a bug. The SmartForm pages required for this modification type are not populating. Therefore, we will continue to use the C&G Budget Transfer request form until this is corrected. The anticipated correction date is August 19th. The budget transfer form can be found here:


In regards to system improvements we will upgrade UFIRST on a bi-weekly schedule. The first major system patch is planned for Friday, July 22nd. This patch will include the following items:

1)      IRB/IACUC Protocol information will be updated automatically/correctly: Currently UFIRST is not working as designed and protocol information is not updating automatically. DSP has made correcting this issue our top priority. Additionally, the Compliance Summary Page in the Award Workspace is being updated as well.

2)      Effort Commitment modifications will update the Award SmartForm: Currently modifications to update effort commitments are not being properly recorded/copied back to the Award SmartForms.

3)      FCOI Activity Improvements: FCOI activities in the modification are not currently copying back to the main Award and are being required for all modification types. This is being improved to ensure that the FCOI Certification is only being required at the appropriate times.

4)      Unrecovered IDC and SF424 Mapping- With the change to our F&A rates, code in UFIRST had to be updated to ensure that the new rates and any applicable unrecovered IDC were calculated and mapped to the SF424 accurately.


Future patches will include improvements to the Subaward process, corrections to system notifications, and the addition of a Pending Responsible Unit Edits state for Modifications.


As always, thank you to everyone on campus that has taken the time to send DSP their questions and comments; it has been a tremendous help. Keep the feedback coming by emailing [log in to unmask].






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