(Brett, by "Review/Authorization Process for Records that are eligible for retention" do you mean a process that takes place IMMEDIATELY BEFORE the disposition of a specific set of records at a specific time? If so, my current practice is we do NOT seek such authorization; it was provided at the stage when the records retention and disposition schedules were developed.  In the past, I did have to deal with such a process, and it was AGONISINGLY slow (as in, years), as no fewer than 17 distinct unit heads in the legal department had to review and approve it. This process was, for them, at the absolute bottom of their list of priorities, thus accounting for the delays.  I'm leaving aside holds for litigation, regulatory requirements, and audits, which are exception-based situations.).

Thanks for the feedback Fred - this was quite helpful!  I am somewhat familiar with the approach you use - it certainly provides less "red tape."  We will soon be implementing "structured" enterprise-wide retention for the first time, and our organization is small enough that they will want to do an actual review/authorization of "retention eligible" records before the actual disposition action commences (although I doubt that this will typically include physically reviewing most records, rather by title and other metadata).  That said, I totally appreciate the challenge you noted.  I have been part of larger organizations where processes like this could/did potentially take significant amounts of time (and certainly weren't at the top of upper management's priority list).

Thanks again for the input!

- Brett 

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