The City I work for requires that developers submit 4 sets of their building plans for review.  At the end of the review process, one copy becomes the official record copy and the others become convenience copies.  My question is, should we require that the convenience copies go through our formal destruction process or is it acceptable for the individual departments to dispose of the copies as they see fit?

Typically in the organizations that I've worked for we did not require convenience copies to go through the regular destruction authorization process that we established for official records to be destroyed. That being said, you'll still want to put some controls around those to prevent the wrong set from being tossed and to protect the privacy of the contractors. For one thing, I would require that they be placed in your confidential shredding receptacles rather than just thrown in the trash. You no doubt will be able to come up with other safeguards specific to your situation.

Gary Link
Pittsburgh, PA
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