Hello BESTers,

The 2016 Summer Olympics have been underway for a week now and feeding 
all those athletes means a lot of food, which in turn means a lot of 
potential food waste.  This is where Italian chef Massimo Bottura and 
Brazilian chef David Hertz step in.  They are making sure these 
leftovers don't go to waste and are using them to prepare meals for 
hungry Rio citizens. They have started a program, called RefettoRio, 
which aims to serve 19,000 during the Games.  Better yet, once the torch 
goes dark, RefettoRio will remain.  They plan on keeping the program 
around and continued using leftover food to prepare meals for the needy.

Have a great weekend,


Rio 2016 Olympic Village Food Waste Turned Into Three-Course Dinners By 
Italian Chef Massimo Bottura
Louise Ridley
Huffington Post
November 8, 2016