Hello BESTers,

While us BESTers may all be well aware of the many problems of food 
waste, a new survey found that only about half of Americans realize food 
waste is an environmental problem, although more than three quarters 
feel guilty about throwing away food.  As I've posted many time, 
households are a major source of food waste.  Food waste at home has a 
lot to do with psychology and education. For example, almost 70% of 
respondents to the survey believed discarding food past its printed date 
reduces the chance of sickness, despite numerous studies and recent 
media stories saying this simply isn't true.  Perhaps the biggest 
disconnect in the survey is that only 13% of people believed their 
households waste more food waste than other households - it doesn't take 
a math wizard to show this number doesn't quite work.  In the past 7+ 
years I've been posting to Food Waste Friday, I've seen the coverage of 
food waste grow exponentially, but this study shows we still have a ways 
to go.  Let's all keep up the fight.

Have a great weekend,


In US, only half are aware of food waste as a problem
Megan Scudellari
Boston Globe
August 15, 2016