China starts construction of Tibetís biggest hydropower plant on upper reaches of Yangtze River
South China Morning Post
April 30, 2016

Hello BESTers,

Yesterday we took a look at large scale hydropower as a means of providing an alternative source of power to potentially entire countries. Today we tread across similar waters. Recently plans have been laid to construct a 112m high dam for the sake of establishing the largest hydropower plant ever built in Tibet. In a country like China, where air pollution runs rampant, any step that possesses the capacity to lessen that pollution is a positive step. It should be mentioned, that beyond potentially lessening air pollution, based off the numbers presented in the article, more than 40,000 GWh worth of water was allowed to simply run through non-operating hydropower turbines in 2014. This is a huge waste of resources, and by establishing a functioning hydropower plant in this region, the benefits that will be reaped are massive.

Joshua Goff
Undergraduate Intern
2016 Bioenergy & Sustainability School
Soil and Water Science Department
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