It is time now to concentrate on tidal power


August 1st, 2016

Hello BEST community,


In continuing our look into hydropower, we move from small-scale development to potential large-scale systems that might provide an alternative source of energy for entire countries. In a recent development in the United Kingdom, the UK government has decided to hold off on making a decision to move forward with the construction of a new nuclear power plant. This delay in decision-making has opened new perspectives on how to solve energy needs in the UK. One suggestion is for the UK to utilize the surrounding seas, and begin development of hydro-electric power stations in tidal waters. With the need for sustainable forms of energy rising, the decisions made by other countries in regards of power production might set precedence on how future decisions are made around the world.


Erica Winstead

Undergraduate Intern

2016 BioEnergy & Sustainability School

Soil and Water Science Department

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