> After spending eight years in records analysis and document management for
> a mid-sized municipality, I realized that true document management is not a
> reaction. To be effective, records management cannot be reactionary or
> piecemeal, as it often is. It must, instead, be prepared on a wide scale
> and with all stakeholders involved.

Realizing this is the first step.... The next eleven steps in the program lead to enlightenment.

"My name is Larry... And I've been an RIM Professional for over 40 years"

(Group responds, Hello Larry) 

Let's hope in your case, one of the soon to be next steps you take is to convince someone with the ability to provide funding and staffing that you're right... And that they won't abandon you before you've taken at least 4-5 more steps.

It's all about finding a committed sponsor, someone who sees the value in your journey and is willing to be there when you need them as things start to backslide.

Really- it's not unlike many there 12 step programs.... It took years to learn this, but it's definitely true!!

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