Whoops! Hello Imagining America @ UF listerv and welcome back to fall 2016! I sent you the email below by accident a moment ago, but, actually, I think that you’ll enjoy reading about this wonderful new engaged arts and humanities course run by Jeff Pufahl in Arts in Medicine this fall. Please share it widely!





The Center for Arts in Medicine and the Dean of Students' Office are pleased to offer a new course in Applied Theatre for Community Health!  


Applied Theatre: Rehearsals for Revolutions

HUM 2930 SEC 2805

T/TH Periods 8/9 (3pm-4:55pm)


Instructors: Jeffrey Pufahl & Michael Martinez-Hamiliton



Course Description


In this three credit course, students from a variety of disciplines will immerse themselves in the exciting world of applied theatre for education, community development and social change. Through course readings, case studies, exercises and discussions, students will develop their own applied theatre practice and performance opportunities.  Through investigating the work of revolutionary artists such as Brecht, Freire, and Boal, as well as contemporary Applied Theatre practitioners, we will develop an understanding of how theatre can become a catalyst for change.  With a focus on sexual assault education on the UF campus, students will take part in numerous performances of “Ashley’s Consent”, a multi-media applied theatre play, as well as devising and performing their own work for the UF community. Students will also have to opportunity to work with organizations off campus and develop lasting partnerships within Gainesville.  Students from all disciplines are welcome; no prior theatre experience is necessary.