Emails have been sent to Principal Investigators to confirm allocations for projects that earned indirect cost returns in FY2016.  Please review the distribution details for your unit, and make any necessary changes no later than Friday, September 2, 2016.

Projects that have no distribution on file will have those IDC returns revert to the college during the annual distribution process. It will be the responsibility of departments to arrange for any subsequent transfers from college fiscal offices.

Distributions can be designated online at:

Current allocations can be reviewed using our searchable report:

Should you need a PI or Departmental Overhead Account, please email your requests to [log in to unmask] and provide us with the following:

Project Type


Department ID

Please note: This is the final year that allocations will be set up through the FA Manager Website.  FY2017 PI and department allocations will be automatically returned to the project PI and home department.  Center distributions will be indicated through the new UFIRST Awards module.

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Rachel Hurley

Rachel Hurley | Accounting Manager | University of Florida / Office of Research/University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

288 Grinter Hall | PO Box 115500 | Gainesville, FL 32611 | Phone: 352-392-7448 | Fax: 352-846-0505 | Email: [log in to unmask]

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