Thank you all again for being patient with me, and my questions. Of course this bird is a Reddish Egret. I received an interesting response. An individual says that he has seen hundreds of Reddish Egrets, and photographed dozens of them in 30 years living in the Florida Keys. He stated that he has never seen anything like this bird. He based his response by using the definitive Birds of North America. Very interesting response.

  So.... apparently this is an unusual bird. We do know that it is a Reddish Egret in an unusual plumage. [😊]

Danny Bales

Titusville, Florida<>

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Subject: Another Question about Reddish Egret Plumages 8/27/16

Since I found the unusual plumage Reddish Egret (for me) I have run across some more shots of what I think are Reddish Egret. I took them last year. I assumed it was a Reddish Egret phasing into the White Morph form. Now I'm not too sure. I've gone online, and into all my bird books, and I can not find the 2 phases in question that I have pictures of. Someone also responded to me, and said that the Reddish Egret did not nest in my area. I don't believe that is true since I have found Reddish Egrets on nest the the northern end of the Banana River (no motor zone) on islands off the SRB channel. In these pictures I thought that the bird was simply about to turn into the all white form. Now I don't know. Appreciate any input. Thank-you

Danny Bales
Titusvile, Fla.