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Social Dynamics Research, Nokia Bell Labs, Cambridge 

The Social Dynamics team at Bell Labs Cambridge (UK) welcomes applications from engineers, postdocs and (both junior and senior) scientists eager to explore the areas of Computational Social Science for the key themes of Urban, Health, and Culture; Computer Vision; Data Mining; Interaction Design and Visual Analytics; or Complex Networks. Candidates who have the aspiration to revolutionize their own field are particularly valued. 

|Nokia and Bell Labs|
Nokia is a global leader in the technologies that connect people and things, and Bell Labs is a worldwide research and development community that focuses its efforts on key technologies. It is internationally renowned as the birthplace of modern information theory, the transistor, the laser and the UNIX operating system.

|Bell Labs Cambridge|
As part of the emerging research area of Computational Social Science, the Social Dynamics team answer questions typical of the social sciences using computational methods and, in so doing, produce long-term research (in very Bell Labs style). Members of the team include Daniele Quercia (www.researchswinger.org), Luca Maria Aiello (www.lajello.com), and Miriam Redi (www.visionresearchwitch.com). 

|Main responsibilities| 
1. Contribute to the technical definition of research programs or to their engineering development. 
2. Co-author papers and articles for the major research publications worldwide.

|Expected qualifications, skills and experience|
1. World-class research track record (for academics) or world-class project portfolio (for practitioners) in any of the areas of interest.

2. Strong technical skills depending on the field of specialization. Visualization and Interaction designers, for example, should have prototyping skills with d3.js and Processing, data visualization skills with ArcGIS and Tableau, coding skills with Javascript frameworks, or mapping skills with Leaflet, Mapbox, or CartoDB. Data scientists should be able to handle large-scale data sets and  have practical skills in SQL, Matlab, and Python (knowledge of C++, Java, Hadoop, or MapReduce are a plus).

|How to Apply|
Please send your application material with the subject line Scientist to [log in to unmask] by the 1st of October 2016 (later applications are still considered). This material should include your CV, a brief statement on how you would like to revolutionize your field (1 page max), and a copy of a recent publication or an example of relevant work. For informal inquiries, please contact [log in to unmask].

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