Hello BESTers,

For anyone following food waste news in the past several years, you 
know ugly produce is a big buzzword.  People are waking up to the fact 
the the high aesthetic standards we place on produce is causing a 
massive amount of food waste due to rejected fruits and vegetables.  
However, it is a high hurdle to get people to accept less than ideal 
produce at their local grocer.  A recent start-up may have found the 
best solution: juicing.  After all a juicer doesn't care if your carrot 
is bent and your apple has dimples.  Misfit Juicery, which sells in the 
DC and New York market, recently won a grant from Chobani to join its 
food incubator program.  The company sources 70-80% of its produce from 
ugly or surplus supplies.  This helps save the more "ideal" produce for 
the grocery store aisle.

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Misfit Juicery fights US food waste using ‘ugly’ fruit and 
Mary Ellen Shoup
Beverage Daily
October 14, 2016