NATIONAL H.S. GRADUATION RATE NOTCHES RECORD: The Obama administration is announcing this morning that the nation's graduation rate for high school students has risen to a record high of 83.2 percent. This year's rate, measuring students who graduated in 2014-15, is up nearly a full percentage point from the previous year. The rate has been on an upward swing since 2010-11, when it stood at 79 percent.

The increase was seen across racial and other demographic groups, though significant disparities remain. Asian students had a graduation rate of 90.2 percent and white students graduated at an 87.6 percent clip. But black students graduated at a rate of 74.6 percent; Hispanic students, 77.8 percent; and American Indian students, 71.6 percent. Students with disabilities (64.6 percent) and English learners (65.1 percent) also graduated at lower rates than their peers.

- Iowa (90.8 percent) and New Jersey (89.7 percent) had the highest graduation rates. The District of Columbia (68.5 percent) and Nevada (71.3 percent) were the lowest.

- How does your state stack up? Read the White House's state-by-state breakdown of high school graduation rates here

- President Obama will speak about the new graduation rate this morning during remarks at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in D.C. He'll also tout his administration's record on K-12 and higher education, the White House says. Watch live here starting at 11:25 a.m. 

Norman Stahl
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