We limit students to making only 2 appointments a week, 2 weeks out (this
week and next week). If they "miss" an appointment, TutorTrac starts
counting those. Once they hit 3 "missed" appointments, they can't book
anymore. I can run a report anytime I need to telling me who has "missed"
appointments so that I can delete their future appointments. I find that by
keeping the extension of time in which they can schedule appointments to a
short two weeks and by keeping them to just 2 appointments a week (so they
only have a maximum of 4 appointments they can have scheduled at any one
time), they don't get very far before I know that they have missed 3

Just in case that helps anyone,

Jennifer I. Fasy
Central Region Coordinator
Tutoring and Learning Center Programs
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
LIB 028
Salt Lake Community College
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
Phone: 801-957-4138
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Fax: 801-997-4138

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