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Below is a link to an article entitled: Why Our Academic Solutions Fail: How to Help Students at the Source of Their Problems


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The education community consists of the some of the most highly trained people in the world. So why are we educators so inept at improving student academic performance?

I believe the difficulty stems from an inability to distinguish between symptoms and causes. Educators need to hone in on the origins of learners' academic woes.


At their core, student problems are dispositional, conceptual, skill based, or a combination of these.


Dispositional Problems

Some student challenges are dispositional in nature. Learners may not even be aware that their mindset regarding learning environments or a particular learning situation predisposes them to failure.


Conceptual Problems

Conceptions involve students' notions about learning environments, academic situations and educational experiences. Marcus' conceptions were so frustrating that he wanted to strangle his professor.


Skill-Based Problems

When a student doesn't do well in school, educators logically conclude that the student lacks the necessary skills to perform the task. It's rare that a skill deficit is the sole reason for academic troubles, particularly among college students. 


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