Hi everyone,

I'll pose this as an "is this normal question?" because this has happened more than once at my university and I'm unsure if this is a standard part of a learning center director's job:

At my university, our learning center is housed in Academic Affairs.  This has worked well for us and I answer directly to the Dean of Libraries since we are located in the library.

The downside of this is that administrators in Academic Affairs sometimes "place" new programs at our center without consulting with us beforehand.  This has happened with 5 different programs -- when I first came on board, a course embedded writing tutor program was placed under our center's jurisdiction even though faculty members and administrators outside our center wrote the proposal.  Then a remedial math program was placed in our center without our consultation - luckily, the math department and I felt that this would be best housed in math.

Yesterday, one-time funding from our Chancellor's Office was given to our university and our provost proposed 3 different new tutoring programs to use this one-time funding for this year (as in we have to implement and spend down by June 2017).  I know that this should be a good problem to have (more funding!), but a lot of these programs come with no personnel costs taken into consideration and we're already well into our first quarter of 16-17.

All of these programs come with really great intentions, but high quality programs take a long time to build and recruitment can be difficult, especially in the middle of the year.

So basically what I am asking is -- is this normal?  Is there a strategy that I should employ should this happen again in the future?  Turning away the programs always looks bad politically, but doing bad, rushed programming looks bad in general -- and isn't so great for students.

Thank you!

Jennifer V. Nguyen
Director of the Student Center for Academic Achievement
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