We have a few volunteer tutors, but most are paid workstudy students -- both federal and institutionally funded.

Our base pay is $8/hour, and with experience, some tutors end up at $8.75/hour.

Our tutors are worth much more than this to us, but there is never enough money for raises, it seems.

Most of us in higher ed are underpaid. What incentivizes us may also incentivize our peer tutors.

Some ideas:

1.  I allow our tutors absolute freedom to set their own schedules.  They can add hours if they wish. If they need to back off from tutoring because of personal or academic needs, they can.  We pay the institutional tutors by the hour tutored, so they can work up to 20 hours/week.  They can post as many hours on Tutortrac as they wish.  Federal tutors can set up a schedule, and we pay them for appointments as well as making themselves available on a walk-in basis.  The ability to have absolute control over your schedule is a great incentive for many tutors.

2.  Allow tutors to have some say.  I am working on this, but I have always allowed tutors to have say on policies and changes in procedures.  They are our front-line people, and they often know better ways to do things than I do.  They help set policy.

3.  Allow tutors to be the trainers.  We let tutors train each other to some extent.  We are currently working on training that is almost all tutor-directed and tutor-led.  Again, they often know much more than I do about what is needed.

4.  Create community.  I love my work because of the people I get to work with.  Tutors are no different. Give them opportunities to work together, to meet each other, to work as teams.

Okay, I am working on some these things myself.  As time goes on and my own paycheck shrinks, this also helps me because more and more of the center's work becomes directed and managed by our tutors.


G. Alvin Madden-Grider
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Subject: Incentives to Tutor

Good Morning Colleagues!

I write requesting information:

Does your institution offer innovative incentives to students support your peer tutor model, especially with difficult to fill courses?

Does your institution allow you to hire adjuncts as professional tutors? If so, what are the stipulations?

Thanks in advance.


Jermaine T. Privott
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