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English Instructor

JOB SUMMARY:  Under the general supervision of the Executive Vice President of College Affairs and Learning, the English Instructor will engage in a variety of learning support and instructional/institutional practices; recruit, advise and mentor students by providing a positive and encouraging environment for learning; and, work collaboratively within the humanities department to include service on various college committees.  The instructional load may consist of day/night classes; face-to-face, online, and hybrid delivery, and on and off campus classes.  Instructor must be able to design and implement new courses to curriculum as needed.

I.        Essential Functions/Responsibilities

  *   To understand and commit to the Mission of the College ~ To provide challenging and   diverse opportunities for the pursuit of learning and to enhance personal and community development in a responsible, accessible and learner-centered environment.

*         The ability to communicate, connect, create, and collaborate to solve problems-quickly, easily, and clearly.

  *   Teach assigned classes at highest levels of professional standards.
  *   Prepare and update course outlines for each class assigned.
  *   Prepare and update lesson plans, including appropriate outside research.
  *   Prepare and update curriculum for technologically enhanced instruction.
  *   Evaluate essays, exams, etc., as prepared by students.
  *   Participate in English Department affairs (e.g. curriculum assessment).
  *   Maintain accurate records of students' progress and provide to administration when appropriate.
  *   Maintain regular office hours.
  *   Serve as academic advisor to assigned students.
  *   Serve on College committees as assigned.

II.     Required Qualifications

  *   Master's degree in English or Rhetoric and Composition
  *   Thorough knowledge of content area
  *   Fluency in English language
  *   Effective communication skills
  *   Ability to convey ideas to others in a clear, understandable manner
  *   Critical analytical and evaluative skills
  *   Organizational skills
  *   Ability to create and maintain a schedule
  *   Literacy in modes of delivery
  *   Ability to think, write, and communicate effectively
  *   Ability to effectively maintain teaching schedules, organize time, and execute duties in the delivery and support of high quality instruction
  *   Computer skills and ability to use technology in the classroom
  *   Demonstrated teaching experience with developmental/under-resourced students
  *   Demonstrated teaching experience with writing in digital environments
  *   Valid Kansas driver's license

III.  Desired Qualifications

  *   Experience teaching composition
  *   Interest in developmental education
  *   Commitment to student learning/success
  *   Bilingual (English/Spanish)

IV. Physical Requirements:  With or without assistance
*   Ability to understand written and oral instructions
*   Able to sit and stand for extend periods of time
*   Able to lift 20 lbs. and carry short distances
*   Ability to access classroom, office and other campus locations
*   Ability to move around in the classroom assisting students as needed
*   Work in typical office conditions
*   Ability to communicate essential ideas clearly in verbal, scribal, and/or electronic formats
*   Ability to receive feedback of students and colleagues in verbal, scribal, and/or electronic formats

Full Time
$32,000 to $50,000 USD Per Year

For more information:
Human Resources
Dodge City Community College
2501 N. 14th Avenue
Dodge City, KS 67801-2399
Phone: 620/227-9201   Fax: 620/227-9345  email: [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

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Karen Gustavson
Title V Activity & Connection Center Director
2501 N. 14th Avenue
208 LRC
Dodge City Community College
Dodge City, KS 67801

Office Phone:  (620) 227 - 9337
Cell Phone: (620) 397-3263 (preferred)
Fax:  620-227-9113
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