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is out now in the Online-only
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication

Vincent Chua and I wrote the review article with a lot of help from our 

Here's the info:

“Networked individualism” represents the phenomenon that people are 
managers of their own personal networks. Networked individualism in an 
East (and Southeast) Asian context draws attention to the significant role 
of Asian social institutions and culture in the patterning of personal 
communities. When compared to Western situations—particularly 
American—East Asian personal communities are just as vibrant and 
supportive. They have woven seamlessly with digital media, extend both 
near and far, and are rich in social support. There are several 
differences that make East Asian societies unique, such as their strong 
focus on kinship, the salience of hierarchical social capital, the culture 
of mutual monitoring occurring through strong ties (e.g., guanxi), and the 
accelerated rise of digital media in everyday life.

Keywords: networked individualism, digital media, personal communities, 
social support, kinship, hierarchical social capital, mutual monitoring, 
guanxi, East Asia, Southeast Asia

DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190228613.013.119

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