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Sent: Thursday, October 6, 2016 2:40 PM
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Subject: [UFRESEARCH-L] UFIRST Patch Update 10/6/2016

Good afternoon,

Last night a patch to UFIRST was applied. This patch focused on the effort commitments page but other enhancements were included as well. As of this morning users will experience the following:

Effort updates

1)      On the new Award SmartForm, changes to effort commitments or award periods can take place directly in the Award SmartForm and will not require updates through the related Proposal record. This streamlines the process of updating effort commitments and maintains the integrity of proposal data.

2)      Effort commitments for personnel with a 0 FTE will no longer be accepted by UFIRST. Personnel with 0 FTE, such as courtesy faculty, have no institutional base salary, and therefore no ability to commit effort. The easiest way to think of it is this: If FTE is considered the effort "pie" and the pie is zero, then there is no effort to commit. Any percent of zero is zero. Additionally, if an Award PI has a 0 FTE an effort commitment is not technically possible and therefore will not be captured in UFIRST.

3)      Effort commitment dates will now be validated against the overall award start and end dates.

4)      A validation is now in place to ensure that all entered commitments have a project number identified. This will indicate under which project the commitment should be entered in the myUFL Commitment Module.

5)      There is now a large comment field on the effort commitments page so that users can provide helpful information.

Non-effort commitment updates

1)      Each column of the Project Summary Table in the Award and Award Modification Workspace is now sortable by primary and secondary criteria.

2)      In the Proposal Module, when the salary cap of the Personnel Budget Grid is edited to show "$0", this will be treated as if there is no salary cap designated by the sponsor and no over-the-cap cost share will be calculated.

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