GBAS Fall Institute 2016
Broaden Your UF Experience
Check out the amazing sessions we have planned for you!

Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016
Location: Emerson Alumni Hall, President's ballroom
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Parking: North Lawn. Reserved spaces will be available just north of the UF Stadium off Gale Lemerand Drive. With an Orange decal, you may also park in the O'Connell Center.

"Broaden Your UF Experience" when you join your Gator Business Administrator (GBAS) colleagues for a mini-conference. This professional development opportunity includes general sessions and break-out sessions. The Institute is designed to support a culture of continuous learning and professional growth of business administrators at UF. Participants will engage in a group discussions, interactive activities and cross campus networking.

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The event begins with coffee and networking at 8:00 a.m. (no breakfast)

To register for the GBAS Fall Institute, select ONE topic for the morning session, ONE topic for the lunch round table discussion, and ONE topic for the afternoon session from the links below. (Three selections in total.) You do NOT need to register for the General Sessions, once you have registered for your two breakout sessions and lunch discussion, you are all set!

General Session

8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Guest Speaker: Angela Lindner, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs and Associate Professor, Environment Engineering Sciences

In our work as business administrators, we can forget how our jobs directly connect to the success of students on campus. In the barrage of tasks, we can become removed for the student aspect of the University of Florida. Dr. Lindner encourages a student-centered approach in her leadership at UF and she will share what it looks like to be part of the current generation of students at UF.

In her role, Dr. Lindner promotes excellence in teaching and advising, and leads the effort to provide a challenging and engaging learning environment for undergraduate students. She will paint the vision for a core program, UF Quest, set to begin in fall 2018.

Morning Break Out Session (Choose One)
9:15 a.m. to 11:20 a.m.
Please click the registration link below to select your desired morning breakout session. From within myTraining, click the Register button and choose the desired session from the list, click Next, then Submit.

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Session 1 Human Resources - Simulation for the J1 & H1B processes
Facilitators: Scott Davis and Susie Studstill
The process of hiring foreign nationals is complex and involved. Experience an interactive simulation for J1 and H1B from the chairperson's or dean's request to the arrival of the foreign national visitor. Identify things they can and cannot do while they are here and what to do when the foreign national returns home. This session is hands-on and you will participate in the process in real time.

Session 2 Promoting Business Excellence with Process Improvement
Facilitators: Gwynn Cadwallader and Elizabeth Amdur
Interested in refining a process in your unit? Work with your peers to map a current business process and then apply techniques and design a future state. This is a hands-on session where the participants will experience the process of charting steps and evaluating the value of each step so they can make decisions on refinements and test their improvements. You will leave this session with ideas on how to map your business processes and create a better process.

Session 3 Leadership - #Managing Up
Facilitator: Tricia Bachus
Imagine the incredible changes that could happen if you and your boss were on the same page? Explore components that create an ideal relationship between supervisors and their direct reports using the four "A's" (Ask, Absorb, Align, and Add) of powerful communication. Focus on ways to support and influence your boss, regardless of your "power" base, to achieve amazing results. Participants will practice applying the strategies to several "challenging boss" scenarios.

Round Table Lunch Discussions (Choose One)
11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Select a Round Table Topic for your lunch time conversation. These are informal discussions led by one of your peers. The purpose is to expand your network and engage in conversation around a topic of interest.

Please click the registration link below to select your desired morning breakout session. From within myTraining, click the Register button and choose the desired session from the list, click Next, then Submit.

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Table 1 - Q&A on hiring foreign national students, faculty and staff with Susie Studstill & Scott Davis
Table 2 - Interested in being a GBAS mentor or mentee? Explore the benefits of the mentoring program with Keith Gouin
Table 3 - Developing a Growth Mindset with Max Williams
Table 4 - Discover ways to prevent risk in your work environment with Todd Morrone
Table 5 - Preparing now for the next fiscal year with Tracey Phillips
Table 6 - Benefits and strategies for team building and management with Todd Fraser
Table 7 - Q&A for Indirect Cost Distribution (IDC) and SPA (RCM tax) with Julie Rhee from the Office of Research
Table 8 - Centralizing Business Functions with Carolyn Lebron

Afternoon Break Out Session (Choose One)
1:00 p.m. to 2:35 p.m.
Please click the registration link below to select your desired afternoon breakout session. From within myTraining, click the Register button and choose the desired session from the list, click Next, then Submit.

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Session 4 Procurement - Writing Statements of Work and Managing Contracts
Facilitators: Lisa Deal and Nicola Heredia
The Procurement group will discuss basic contract terms and highlight areas of significant impact when managing large contracts, starting with why writing a solid statement of work is critical. They will share how/why statements of work improve the outcome of the contract as well as provide some strategies for managing contracts. Participants will discuss how to apply similar work to their unit. Tips and tricks for best practices when contracting/purchasing will be interjected into the discussions.

Session 5 Sponsored Programs - Managing Your Award Effectively
Facilitators: Tiffany Schmidt and Amanda Burkett
The excitement of receiving a new Sponsored Programs awards is just the first step. Our goal at UF is to spend sponsored project funds appropriately and monitor our expenditures to ensure that we are managing the awards correctly. We will discuss the cost principles, experience campus examples and explore data visualizations for "RED" flags. We will review useful reporting tools that we can use to track our expenditure progress with Sponsored Programs.

Session 6 HR and Fiscal Management - Payroll Complexities: Learn How to Solve the Tough Cases
Facilitator: Robbie Elkins
Payroll issues can get pretty complex and it is a unique process here at UF. Participants will work together with their peers on scenarios and try to figure out why someone got paid incorrectly, or did not get paid at all, and how to fix it. With a payroll expert, you will explore the nuances and issues of payroll.

Core Office Updates

*         FLSA and Raise updates

*         UF Office of Real Estate and Innovation Square

*         IT Risk Management for Procurement

*         Upcoming Fiscal Initiative, Commitment Ledgers

Registration Closes on October 19th.

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