Our end of semester official UF student evaluations opened yesterday for CLP6529. Please do them SOON, rather than waiting – this will make sure you get these out of the way before the clutter of all your other evaluations hits.




PLEASE REMEMBER, if 80% of the class COMPLETES evaluations, you all get 1 additional bonus point added to your final grade. And if 100% of the class does this, you all get 2 additional bonus points added.  That, in the past, has been enough to move many students from B+ to A- or A- to A.


As a class in data analysis and research methodology, I don’t need to tell you the problems of missing data and selection bias. Course evals are one of the few places we can achieve a POPULATION survey. It’s also one of the ways you can affect the instructional future – both in terms of the suggestions you give to me, and the message you send to the administration.  This is your chance to “throw the bums out”, or offer praise. Especially for junior faculty/untenured faculty, course evaluations can make a real difference to their professional outcomes.


Only about half the US voted in the last Presidential election, but 100% have to live with the consequences. So it is here. So please don’t skip these – we weren’t able to achieve 100% in our mid-semester evaluations. 


If you have similar comments to your mid-semester, and don’t want to retype them, please let me know – I’ll be happy to re-send you all the comments received at the mid-semester, and you can cut-paste them into the new evaluations (or you may still have them in your email archives).


We’ll be adding a progress report on evaluations to the Canvas home page.







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