Dear Mark,


 What a joy, after all these years, to see these holothurians given their due!  As a contributor to the long, long delay, I feel rather guilty, BUT the long wait was worth it, for you have done a magnificent job with these much-travelled beasties.  The paper is just superb.  Sort of ironic that they originated in Antarctica, travelled all the way up to Denmark, then came south again...almost to Antarctica, before they got the attention they deserved. 


Doris joins me in sending affectionate congratulations and best wishes!!  Cheers,  Dave.


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Subject: Discovery Expedition sea cucumbers

Greetings all

Please find attached a pdf of our paper on Discovery Expedition sea cucumbers.

It is available on-line at <Memoirs of Museum Victoria Journals>

and at

my ResearchGate site <Peter Mark O'Loughlin ResearchGate>

With best wishes to all


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