Hi, Samantha.

I am sure you are not alone. This is one of the biggest challenges. Moving to appointment-based Academic Coaching/Tutoring helps tremendously. It also helps the budget.



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Hello all,


I hesitate to admit this, but scheduling tutors is one of my greatest challenges with my job. I coordinate between 15 and 20 student employees, and each semester this is a headache for me. Our center does drop-in tutoring, so I set a schedule at the beginning of the semester and it (mostly) remains the same throughout.  I spend hours trying to accommodate tutors’ class and job schedules, give them the number of hours they want, maintain sufficient coverage for each subject, and hire to fill gaps. I need to start creating the schedule for next semester, so I’m looking for suggestions before I dive in.


Does anyone else feel this way about scheduling?

What do you do to make it go smoothly?

Do you use a software or online program to manage/optimize scheduling? (I’ve been using Excel)


As always, thanks for your suggestions!


Samantha Campa

Academic Support Advisor

Iowa Western Community College

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