Hi Kimberly,


Here’s a suggestion that might be fun.  We do this when we train on ethics, so I’ll describe that, but I think it could work for role modeling, too.


When we train on ethics, we use the ATP Code of Ethics and Standards.  We put each standard on a slip of paper, and each team gets two or three standards.  We show them a YouTube video of one of the “Good Idea, Bad Idea” cartoons from Animaniacs.  Then they develop pairs of skits to demonstrate what it looks like when a tutor is following the standard (the “good idea”), and when the tutor is violating the standard (the “bad idea”).  For example, the team that gets “Professionalism” they have to explore that standard by doing a skit that shows professional behavior, and a second skit that shows unprofessional behavior, and that becomes the basis for further discussion of professionalism in tutoring. 


You could probably make that format work for role modeling.  Maybe have the tutors brainstorm 8-10 things a tutor should model for a student (time management, accessing campus resources, interacting effectively with faculty, etc.), write down the best ones, and divide them up for groups of tutors to develop good idea/bad idea skit pairs based on them.


Here’s a link to one of the cartoons:





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Hello All!


I am currently planning our final peer tutor training and the topic is Role Modeling.  I have a few scenarios, but I want to spice it up a bit.  I chose this for our last training this semester because I thought it would be educational as well as fun for my tutors, but after an entire semester of training dedicated to an attempt to achieve CRLA level one tutor certification, I am thinking the scenarios I have are to basic for my brilliant tutors!  I have a combination of subject specific and study skills tutors that make up my 31 member crew, and most are undergraduates.


The training is on Friday, so any great ideas would be very much appreciated!


Kimberly Courtwright 




Kimberly Courtwright

Tutoring Services Coordinator
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