Hi Dorsey,


I must admit that I am a little confused by your question, but I will try to take a shot at it.


When you mention that you are looking for something more cost-effective than CRLA, I am not sure whether you mean the cost of certifying your training program through CRLA or the cost of paying for your tutors to attend the training required.

·         Cost for certifying your training program: If the certification cost is a deterrent, you can still model your training after the CRLA model. If you do this, you will save a few dollars, but you will lose the ability to certify your tutors.

·         Cost of training your tutors: Remember that in accordance with U.S Department of labor standards, you must pay your employees for required training they attend. The only way you can avoid this cost is if the training meets all of the following conditions (see :

o   It is outside normal work hours

o   It is voluntary

o   It is not job related

o   No other work is performed concurrently


This leaves few options for reducing training costs. Here are a few that come to mind:

·         Switch to training as a course: Students pay tuition and earn college credit for the training. There are several people on the listserve who can share information about how they run this type training program.

·         Pool resources or sub-contract:

o   Pooled resources: Several programs can share the same tutors, with each paying a portion of the training cost. If you use this approach, you will probably need to hire, train, evaluate, and certify the tutors under one program.

o   Sub-contracting: You can hire, train, certify, and evaluate all of the tutors used by other programs. Then, you charge them to use the services of the tutors. The price you charge should be slightly higher than the hourly wage. This allows you to recoup training costs.

·         Decide to forego certification and adopt a shorter training program: This is not a recommended option. It will reduce the cost of your program, but you will likely see reduced student outcomes.


Our program is CRLA Level 3 certified. I would sacrifice in other areas before I sacrificed our training program. We do sub-contract to other departments. I have found several advantages to doing so.

·         We assure that the tutors used in all support areas are trained.

·         We can monitor the services provided across the campus, which helps us guide the support effort.

·         We increase our revenue and do not have to compete for the best students to hire.

·         Our tutors are very familiar with the other support available to students on campus and can help steer them to the program that is best for them.


I know this is a long response, but I hope it helps.



Martin Golson

Director, Academic Support

Certified Learning Center Professional – Level 4

Austin Peay State University


(931) 221-6553


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Hi All,


I hope this email finds you doing well! I was wondering what types of training do you offer tutors. We are currently utilizing CRLA, but I am looking for something a little more cost efficient; and please tell me why you have chosen the form of training you are currently using. Lastly, what are you doing to promote tutoring on your campus? What has worked well for your tutors?


Thank you all!


Dorsey Thomas

Assistant Director, Student Success Center

University of Houston - Clear Lake

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