A new short article, “Program Improvement in Adult Education through Professionalization,” by David Borden, has been posted to the Texas Developmental Education Professional Community Online (TX DEPCO):

In addition, you can also find the following articles that highlight promising practices in the field of college readiness:

·         “Doing Different in the Mathematics Classroom,” by Stephanie Cockrell Andrews

·         “Part-Whole Study Improves Memory for Science Information” by Michelle Kiser with Roman Taraban and Dmitrii Panuikov

·         “Breaking Out of the e-Learning Courseware Box: Integrating Social Media” by Steven S. Vrooman

·         “Teaching Writing to Students in Transition: Models for Success” by William J. Barry

·         “Acceleration in Mathematics” by JP Anderson & Kristen Foxley

·         “Motivate Learning Through Online Gaming,” by Holly Lutze

·         “Metacognition: Critical Start for Literacy Instruction” by Tasha Vice

·         “Beyond Pro and Con: Re-thinking MOOCs” by William J. Barry

·         “Centering Disability Support in the Learning Center” by Jack Trammell

·         “Developing a ‘Visual Rhetoric’ for Students on the Spectrum” by Jack Trammell

The TX DEPCO is excited to receive submissions of short articles highlighting promising practices pertinent to college readiness. Articles can be 300-500 words and relate to the field of developmental education, adult education, or college readiness.

Please visit the TX DEPCO Call for Submissions <>  page for details.

The TX DEPCO blog and social media presence are housed under the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Professional Development (PD) Program, managed by Texas State University’s Education Institute and funded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The purpose of the TX DEPCO is to highlight promising practices in college readiness and to serve through social media as a resource-sharing archive and means of professional community-building. You can learn more about the TSI PD Program at

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