Hi Samantha,

I feel your pain.  Unfortunately, I don’t know of a software that can
automatically do this for you.  But here are some things I do.  I use the
attached sheet that my tutors return to me.  Then, I put in all of their
preferred hours onto a grid sheet (attached).  (That grid would represent
one subject area.  So I have multiple grids.) What I do is I fill out the
grid with ALL of their preferred hours, meaning that the grid for a given
subject is overstaffed.  I put every hour that they can work on. That’s
what I call version 1.  Then, I start to shave hours off certain tutors
thereby maintaining adequate coverage (no under- or overstaffing), all the
while keeping in mind their preferred minimum and maximum hours that they
told me.  And I can make sure that I am not giving any one tutor too much
or too little hours.  It’s easier, in my opinion, to put ALL the hours on,
and then begin to take them away to create an optimal set of schedules.  I
do this for 30 tutors across three major subject areas.

Hope this helps,

John Paul

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Hello all,

I hesitate to admit this, but scheduling tutors is one of my greatest
challenges with my job. I coordinate between 15 and 20 student employees,
and each semester this is a headache for me. Our center does drop-in
tutoring, so I set a schedule at the beginning of the semester and it
(mostly) remains the same throughout.  I spend hours trying to accommodate
tutors’ class and job schedules, give them the number of hours they want,
maintain sufficient coverage for each subject, and hire to fill gaps. I
need to start creating the schedule for next semester, so I’m looking for
suggestions before I dive in.

Does anyone else feel this way about scheduling?

What do you do to make it go smoothly?

Do you use a software or online program to manage/optimize scheduling?
(I’ve been using Excel)

As always, thanks for your suggestions!

*Samantha Campa*

Academic Support Advisor

Iowa Western Community College

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