I adapted the CRLA module for Assertiveness to include this "setting boundaries" activity, which could work for spicing up your role-modeling as well:

First I wrote mini-scenarios on tabs of paper and put them all in a cup. Scenarios were written in dialogue format, so, for example, something like this: "Oh, hey, sorry I'm late. Can we have a shortened lesson today? I want to watch Netflix" and "My professor is so dumb. Can you tell me the answer to this question?" 

Then the group was separated into two rows, lined up on either side of the classroom, facing each other. One line is "tutors" and the other line is "students".
The first student and tutor step forward. The student picks a scenario from the cup and reads it aloud to the tutor. The tutor then has to respond on the spot with appropriate assertiveness, referrals, and role-modeling. It should be fairly fast-paced so they have to think on their feet. Once finished, the tutor goes to the back of the student line and the student goes to the back of the tutor line. The activity is finished once every person has played the role of both tutor and student at least one time.

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On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 12:40 PM, Vera Mayes <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

If you will continue tutoring/assisting during finals week this might be a good time to project ahead and look at what kind of situations will come up with students as they prepare for finals. Many new tutors are not ready for the pace during finals week is what we have found. Also, dealing with the students that are so emotional and have to pass their final to pass the class. My tutors are wiped after this week and its helps to get a veteran to chime in also.

Just some thoughts.


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Hello All!


I am currently planning our final peer tutor training and the topic is Role Modeling.  I have a few scenarios, but I want to spice it up a bit.  I chose this for our last training this semester because I thought it would be educational as well as fun for my tutors, but after an entire semester of training dedicated to an attempt to achieve CRLA level one tutor certification, I am thinking the scenarios I have are to basic for my brilliant tutors!  I have a combination of subject specific and study skills tutors that make up my 31 member crew, and most are undergraduates.


The training is on Friday, so any great ideas would be very much appreciated!


Kimberly Courtwright 




Kimberly Courtwright

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