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Dear all,

I am sorry if this seems unimportant. As many of you must have been aware,
there exists a famous question-answer website which
hosts several sites about extremely diverse topics like science,
mathematics, computation, religion, history and so on.

However, I find that the questions related to the various aspects of
networks are spread over its various sister sites related to  mathematics,
computer science, statistics, biology etc. This is quite natural since the
study of networks is an extremely interdisciplinary field. On the other
hand, given the huge expanse of this field, it seems only natural to have a
separate sister site for questions and answers related to "Complex
networks" and in my opinion this would be extremely useful.

Considering this, I have already officially put forth the proposal for such
a site:

However, to actually make this proposal go forward, we need at least 60
followers and 40 example questions there. If you think that this should
happen, I request you to kindly click the above link and follow it. Also,
it would be great if you could upload some example questions there. I would
appreciate any discussion related to this in this thread.

Thank you


Snehal Madhukar Shekatkar

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