There are several including work by Guimera , Newman-Girvan, Factions in UCINET.


Mine (KliqueFinder) is explicitly based on a block model/ERGM framework.


Frank. K.A. 1995. Identifying Cohesive Subgroups. Social Networks (17): 27-56


(Snijders & Nowicki also cluster explicitly on a block-model framework).


Mine includes

1)      Monte carlo test of statistical significance for the clusters identified

2)      Batch mode for multiple applications

3)      Two-mode extension

a.       *Field, S. *Frank, K.A., Schiller, K, Riegle-Crumb, C, and Muller, C. (2006). "Identifying Social Contexts in Affiliation Networks: Preserving the Duality of People and Events.  Social Networks 28:97-123. * coequal first authorship

4)      coupled with Netdraw KliqueFinder makes visualizations



Generally, see:




The interface is easier than it used to be – see the ppt above.





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Can you refer me any available implementation of community detection algorithms based on stochastic block models for detection of non-overlapping communities?


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