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Our organisation (the New York City Economic Development Corporation) has an Intranet on which departments post news items. For our purposes (which are focused primarily on generating awareness of our program), posting funny or interesting RAINdrips, mingled with RIM "tips & tricks", has proved very successful 

Some examples:

1. "Haunted Houses": Recent Finds in Records Management (October 30, 2015). With Halloween in mind we have selected three photographs of sites that, at a quick glance, may seem like eerie haunted houses, but that to NYCEDC eyes, look like great opportunities. See how many of these full-of-potential sites you can identify.

2. "The Ship That Held Up Wall Street": Recent Finds in Records Management (September 3, 2015). The Records Management Department recently found a copy of a peculiar RFP from December 1984. The New York City Public Development Corporation (PDC), a predecessor of NYCEDC, was seeking a museum, developer or private foundation to preserve and display the remains of an 18th century merchant ship. The ship was unearthed during an archeological investigation related to the construction of an office building at 175 Water Street in Lower Manhattan.

3. Giuliani RUSH Memo Pad: Recent Finds in Records Management (July 15, 2015). This very bright RUSH cover sheet in a shade similar to NYC parking-ticket orange dates from the Giuliani administration. Records Management found a whole unused pad of these recently and we were all struck by the color: hard to miss. Do you need even need the word RUSH in the top right corner? We also found the non-rush cover sheet pad in a serene sky blue. While we enjoy finding these curiosities (and sharing them on EDCis), we will use this as an opportunity to remind you NOT to store office supplies along with records.

4. Fiorello LaGuardia and "Cockeyed Ideas": Recent Finds in Records Management (July 7, 2015). In 1993, NYCEDC was working on a project related to the expansion of the runway at LaGuardia Airport. One project manager with a great sense of humor shared a copy of a 1944 letter written by then-Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia on the runway layout. Records Management here shares the text of the letter (and what a letter it is!) found in our legacy boxes.

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