Thanks for the excellent report about food waste as a measure of food system sustainability.

This article link concerns recognizing the innate behaviors/psychological barriers to reducing food waste-

Kathleen Pagan, Alachua County

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Subject: Food Waste Friday #320: Ranking counties in their fight against food waste

Hello BESTers,

A new report came out last week ranking the G20 nation on their food sustainability, which include food loss and waste, sustainable agriculture, and nutritional challenges.  Topping the list of the Food Sustainability Index is France.  As you may recall, earlier this year, France banned food waste from supermarkets.  They've also outlawed expiration dates and are making big strides in the ugly produce movement.  The article highlights the top 10 in the food waste category (spoiler - the US is #6).  Be sure to read the full report to see what the other countries are doing and how they rank.

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France Is Doing Something Amazing With Its Food Eleanor Goldberg The Huffington Post December 8, 2016

Full report: