FYI – the “deep sea cuke” is the shallow water Molpadia arenicola J


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This episode was kind of cool, as it gave me an opportunity to convey a tiny piece of information to two reporters and then to watch it evolve as it passed through the media and internet. I said absolutely nothing about the deep sea to reporters. Likewise, I did not even hint that this stranding was somehow a consequence of warming ocean temperatures, but that has also been attributed to me. Very interesting, and a bit disturbing.





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OK – that is funny.  I should have known.  Paul Barber sent me a picture of one a few days back.  So not a deep sea beast after all.  Much more sense.


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Molpadia arenicola! I didn’t know who it was Tues pm when people were calling; figured it out Wednesday morning.





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Hi Bruno – I could not really see much in the article other than your name – curious what critter was involved?  Cheers - Gustav


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Deep sea cukes was ashore en masse; see link below

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