Quantitative Reasoning Specialist: Lawrence University, Appleton, WI

Job Description:
The Quantitative Reasoning Specialist is a member of the Center for Academic
Success who helps students develop skills in quantitative reasoning, an area
of emphasis in our general education requirements as well as in
mathematics/statistics, natural sciences, and social sciences.  The
Specialist will work closely with the Associate Dean of Academic Success who
oversees tutoring and academic resources, and will report to the Dean of
Academic Success. 
About the Center for Academic Success
The goal of the Center is to maximize Lawrence students’ chances of
achieving academic success. In all of its activities, the Center takes a
holistic approach to assisting students, recognizing that academic
abilities, success skills, and personal concerns are often connected.
Services provided by the Center include:
•	Improving college success skills, including motivation, goal-setting, time
management, study skills, and metacognitive abilities;
•	Assisting students in developing writing, speaking, and quantitative
abilities, and arranging content tutoring for particular subjects or courses;
•	Coordinating academic accommodations for students with disabilities;
•	Developing skills in academic English for speakers of English as a second
•	Arranging for altered deadlines, course withdrawals, or incompletes for
students affected by accident, illness, or psychological or family crisis;
•	Supporting faculty development and initiatives to improve academic
success, including academic advising, effective instruction, and student

Responsibilities of the Quantitative Reasoning Specialist:
The Quantitative Reasoning Specialist will be responsible for the following:
•	Collaborating with natural science, social science, and mathematics
faculty to identify quantitative skill needs and to develop course-specific
tutoring, study or review sessions, or supplemental instruction.
•	Overseeing quantitative tutors, including training tutors in techniques
appropriate for quantitative learning.
•	Offering workshops on specific quantitative topics or skills and possibly
teaching a university course on mathematical foundations (algebra and/or
•	Working with students to develop academic skills (such as note-taking,
effective study, and test-taking) in the context of quantitative courses.
•	Collaborating with colleagues in the Center for Academic Success to
implement other kinds of academic support or enrichment for students and
Candidates should have the following qualifications:
•	Strong quantitative background, preferably with a master’s degree in
mathematics, mathematics education, statistics, or a closely related field;
•	Demonstrated understanding and commitment to quantitative and
computational learning; and
•	Facility with software such as Excel and Wolfram Alpha and programming
languages such as R and Python.

In addition, all staff in the Center for Academic Success should demonstrate:
•	Dedication to helping students achieve success;
•	Empathy and sensitivity to the needs of diverse students;
•	Experience working with students needing academic support;
•	Willingness to work closely with faculty, academic administrators, and
student affairs staff; and
•	Familiarity with liberal arts colleges and their expectations.

This posting will be open until filled, with review of applications to begin
January 6, 2017. Interested applicants should apply online and submit a
resume and cover letter. Lawrence is committed to enhancing the diversity of
its staff and the viewpoints and approaches that a diverse community
represents. We strongly encourage candidates who can contribute to diversity
at Lawrence to apply. See for
more information about Lawrence. Candidates are encouraged to address in
their letters of application the ways in which they could contribute to
Lawrence’s institutional mission and commitment to diversity.

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