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Below are excerpts from the final article in the Why Our Academic Solutions Fail series. It’s short. It showcases a new metacognitive tool. Hopefully, it’s insightful and helpful to you.


Nora was required to meet with me as a condition of her academic probation status. She’d missed several days of class and had a .8 GPA at the end of her first semester of college. Her serial absences gave her professors a seemingly clear signal that she was disinterested in college.


However, after getting a more holistic perspective, I realized that Nora’s inability to think abstractly was causing her to avoid class. Her lack of attendance had dropped her in a hole too deep to dig out of without help.


Once I provided some clarity, Nora not only improved her grades, but she also regained her passion for learning.


Learn three steps that can help students like Nora get their academic careers back on track:


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