There are a few things I do and have trained my Academic Coaches to try.

1)      If they live on campus, I have them go back to their rooms and get their materials. Most are only 5 minutes from our center.

2)      If that is not an option, I ask them to pull up their Moodle page. We then work with materials on the Moodle page.

3)      If there is no Moodle page, we discuss how they are reading, taking notes, managing their time, studying. I ask them to describe the process for each area. And then, for each area as needed, we discuss different strategies that might be more effective and map out a plan of future sessions with goals for going over each. I usually begin with time management, then go over reading, and last note-taking and studying. We discuss the materials they will need to bring for the next session.



Gina Burkart, Ed.D.

Learning Specialist, the MARC

Clarke University


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Wanting to pick everyone’s wonderful brains. I am wanting to rework my training on difficult students because it seems that more and more tutees are coming unprepared to tutoring sessions. Our students are showing up to tutoring without notes, books, going to class, telling the tutor they don’t need help with anything and then they are failing the class. I was wanting to train my tutors on what to do when the student shows up unprepared. I don’t want my tutors just letting them go without doing anything. Does anyone have any ideas here?


Thank you!


Katie Gregory

Student Success Specialist

Center for Academic Excellence

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor


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