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Dear Network Science / SNA community,

You are probably aware of the "Coauthorships in network science" network 
posted on Mark Newman's site 
(  as and many 
other places.

I have found this network to be very useful as a demonstration example 
when teaching network analytics. It is small enough that most analytic 
examples can be run as part of a class demonstration, for example for 
units on random vs. natural graphs, node centralities, degree 
correlation, community detection, etc. Also it has the bonus that in the 
process the students learn the names of various important authors. 
Therefore I have used it as one of several graphs throughout the 
semester in my course on network science.

However, it is now 10 years old. (It also emphasizes physics authors 
more than sociology.) Does anyone know of an updated version or 
comparable network that would serve this dual instructive purpose?

It would be especially nice to have a version of this network that also 
includes node attributes (of any relevant sort), as this would extend 
the range of methods that could be illustrated with the network, as well 
as the pedagogical utility for learning about the authors.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

Dan Suthers

Dept. of Information and Computer Sciences
University of Hawaii at Manoa
1680 East West Road, POST 309, Honolulu, HI 96822
(808) 956-3890 office

Professor, Department of Information and Computer Sciences
PI, Laboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies

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