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Subject: [UFRESEARCH-L] UFIRST Patch Update 12/5/2016


Over the weekend a substantial update to UFIRST was implemented. Users will notice changes to the SmartForms, allocation setup process, and workspace layouts that we hope will facilitate set up and review of Awards and Award Modifications.


1)     In the Awards module wherever a department/unit is required for entry, the corresponding department ID will be displayed below.

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2)     Notice of Award Modification emails have been recoded to only notify project managers and the respective administrators of the modified projects. Essentially, if you manage a project under a large award you will only be notified when your project is modified.



3)     The New Allocation Set Up Page has been pared down to remove extraneous fields, namely IDC information and corresponding project. These pieces of information exist on the Project Set Up Page and will be managed on that page only. Additionally, allocations now include a breakout of direct and indirect dollars to be released.


4)     The Edit Existing Allocation Page has been updated to allow for budget adjustments to existing allocations in lieu of having to create a new allocation for every increment/supplement to a project (Image 1). These changes are viewable in the “Change in Sponsor Authorized” column (Image 2).


(Image 1-New “Adjustment” option available in Existing Allocations.)

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                (Image 2 – New “Change in Sponsor Authorized” column. Displays changes to existing allocations. “Change in Budget Release” will update once the new funds have been reconciled.)

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5)     Date Modification Type selections have been pared down to “Date Extension” and “Date Reduction” (Image 3) No Cost Extensions are “Date Extensions.” You will have the opportunity to classify your date change as a No-Cost Extension on the “Dates Modification” page that will generate (Image 4).


(Image 3- Date Modification Types)

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                (Image 4- Page 4.0 Date Modification Page) Click “Update” to edit the end date of a specific project.

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6)     The documentation of cost share commitments has changed considerably. The total cost share commitment will still be entered on the first page of the Award Smartform (Image 5) however the cost share commitments for each project can now be properly catalogued (Image 6 & 7). Cost share commitments will no longer be reconciled at the budget category level and this column has been removed from the Budget Reconciliation page.


(Image 5- Field 16.0 of the General Award Information Page)

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(Image 6 – Cost Share Commitment pertaining to Project 1)

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(Image 7 – Cost Share Commitment pertaining to Project 2)

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7)     The Budget Reconciliation page has been reconfigured to make the selection of allocations easier. There is now a project selection field which will only expose the allocations that pertain the project of interest, in lieu of every allocation that exists under the award.

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8)     The Award and Award Modification Workspaces have received both aesthetic and functional changes. The biggest improvement to this area is the incorporation of the Award Financial Summary which allow department administrators, DSP, and C&G to ensure that the released project budgets match the budget category amounts listed in the award. The project details that existed on the page previously are still accessible via the “Project Details” tab in the workspace.

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If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact DSP at [log in to unmask] or 352-392-3516.



Adrienne J. Aviles

Sponsor Programs Manager, IFAS & Engineering Team Lead

University of Florida

Division of Sponsored Programs

207 Grinter Hall

Gainesville, Florida 32611

(352) 392-3926