Alethea and Flora have been working on getting the registration sites available and we're almost ready to announce the workshops. I've set up the workshop web pages (below) under a new Github organization UF-Carpentries. I'm also starting to fill in the wiki with information on hosting workshops. Alethea and Flora have been setting up a UFII page advertising all the workshops together but that page is still being worked on.

My proposed opening of registration plan:

Tuesday 8/1 - Email registration links to our waiting list to let them pre-register

Wednesday 8/2 - Put the registration links on the workshop pages (below) and let you email your personal lists, departments, etc (You might review the final version of the UFII page for text to copy and paste into emails.)

Thursday 8/3 - The UFII emails the workshop announcement to their list

I'm proposing this because we've had feedback that people not on the UFII email list would appreciate knowing about these workshops before they are filled up.

As always, please let me know if you have any feedback, would like to be invited to the Github org (everyone is welcome), see typos, etc.

Web sites:

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